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"Really, the potential for, first of all, any college graduate today is enormously good. These are good times for anyone with a college degree today, particularly African Americans. With a college degree today, you really breach the unemployment rate."
"This situation is a clear example of how the OFCCP must - and is entitled - to have reasonable access to the premises and records of companies which benefit from doing business with the federal government, ... Denying us that access cannot and will not be tolerated."
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"If we can't begin to agree on fundamentals, such as the elimination of the most abusive forms of child labor, then we really are not ready to march forward into the future."
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"The public sector certainly includes the Department of Labor. Those are jobs that are available. They are open and they are good paying jobs. The government as a whole has been actually retrenching under President Clinton's leadership."
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"My overall message for labor members is... that we understand that the benefits of trade are clear, but the disruption and the dislocation are painfully concentrated and we can't ignore them."
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"This can not be about a race to the bottom."
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"To me, it is a process, a process that starts with raising awareness, engaging international partners on this issue, and being committed to a different course of action."
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"Unlike any other time in our history, we have to know that staying in school and getting an education is the most important thing you can do."
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"Today, my faith in the collective bargaining process has been reaffirmed,"
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"Their presence here today is a clear signal of their commitment to redouble their efforts to try to reach a settlement, ... I urge them to stay at the table until they reach a settlement."
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"I've asked leaders of the Teamsters Union and the United Parcel Service to meet with me today at the Labor Department and they have both agreed. I intend to talk with each party individually to find out what it will take to move these talks forward and to urge greater flexibility and a willingness to compromise to get back to the bargaining table,"
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"I think it's a major victory for both parties, ... That's what collective bargaining is all about."
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"In their own filing today the Justice Department said that neither they nor the FBI concluded that I had done anything wrong and that is because I have not. These allegations have been false from the very beginning."
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"There is no substitute really for learning about the world of work and being in the world of work. You can do that through internships. You can do it through summer job experiences or even from volunteer jobs in your local community. Strive early to get some kind of practical work experience."
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