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14 LaVar Arrington quotes:

"I wasn't one of their guys, and maybe that was the direction they wanted to go in. I've gotten older. I'm not just a young rookie who is as moldable. Maybe that's where the difficulties came in."
"I have youth. That's a beautiful thing. I'm hungry. I'm by no means a content individual. I'm not content with where I'm at. I don't need to be motivated. I'm motivated. I'm ready to go."
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"The worst part of this whole situation is people start trying to tag you for your character,"
"I could easily be in different situations. I'm healthy. My personal life is wonderful. I attribute a lot of my happiness to my wife. We have discussions on what goes on here and on everything else. We always take the positives out of things."
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"I'm just trying to figure out where we go from here. This one's got me confused. We're just letting them get away, the same way, over and over again."
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"I have a little bit of anxiety. It's all new again. I've got to do it all over again at the highest level. It's going to be interesting."
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"I felt a whole lot of stuff. I'm overwhelmed in this experience, ... I'm happy the coaching staff gave me the opportunity to go out there and help. I just want to be a part, and it feels good."
"You see it in my eyes? Red eyes? ... I was trying to get it done, man. I didn't care who was hitting me, what was happening. Fearless. I was just happy to be out there with the fellows. That was my biggest thing. It was just painful watching them out there fighting."
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"You see it in my eyes? Red eyes? ... I was trying to get it done, man."
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"still control our own [playoff] destiny."
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"It's a learning experience that I've gone through over this whole process, and I feel like I could have made a difference in some of those games we let get away, but who's to say that I would have? ... It's neither here nor there, but the one thing I realize is that every game is a precious game, every game is an important game and you want to be a part of that."
"This has been the greatest building block I've been a part of. I just hope and pray that I am a part of it next year."
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"If the direction [of the team] is going away from me and going toward other things, ... then as a man I have to accept that and have to move on and figure out what's next for me if that's the situation that's in front of me. But by no means am I going to sit here and whine and complain."
"That was pretty cool, huh? ... I was thinking, 'Wow, I'm really in here.' It was a great deal. Man, I had an opportunity to be a part of what I've been a part of for so many years. It was nice getting back out there on a regular basis."
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