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"I think it's very important. I've seen just in the past week alone a big change in Michael. He's a very enthusiastic young man as it is. Now he comes home and he's saying, 'Dad, I hit the ball 70 yards today.' We were talking about it over dinner. I think it's a great program. I love it."
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"He's a special player who really understands the game. It's like having another coach on the field the way he barks out orders and instructions to his teammates from center field."
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"Whether it's one week or three months, this is the time you need to start relaxation techniques, to understand the industry, to understand the airplane, ... That in itself will drop the anxiety before you actually board the airplane."
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"I was just looking for the defense to make a mistake and tried to finish with a goal. I had a couple of opportunities before, but I just couldn't capitalize."
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"I don't think you can put words together of how important that house is, ... It's not a home away from home, it's my home. The house is something you can't by with money. It is a spiritual place a place of comfort and peace."
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