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15 Phil Hartman quotes:

"He was eager to serve his country,"
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"A master sergeant in the Army is in danger of losing his lavish lifestyle when a Pentagon official threatens to close Fort Baxter,"
"After working in the corporate world of advertising and graphic design, I know how hard the average person works, because I've been there."
"As an actor, I felt I couldn't compete. I wasn't as cute as the leading man; I wasn't as brilliant as Robin Williams."
"Even at Westchester High in West LA, I was class clown."
"I could do John Wayne, Jack Benny, Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and entertain my friends. But I never seriously considered it as a career choice."
"I found the writing arena to be much less competitive."
"I was 36, and I had decided to quit acting because it was so disappointing."
"I've succeeded beyond my wildest dreams - financially and the amount of fun I have in my life."
"One of the remarkable things about my career is that it has been marked by steady, incremental progress. No sudden spikes up, and no sudden downfalls, either."
"The one thing I could do was voices and impersonations and weird characters, and there was really no call for that, except on Saturday Night Live."
"Wonderful Canadian family who gave me free Canadian Scotch daily,"
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"I benefit from the Mr. Potato Head syndrome. Put a wig and a nose and glasses on me, and I disappear."
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"Howl has certainly proved that the East Village sense of community has survived intact,"
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"It was literally a situation where you felt the most unbridled glory and the most excruciating emotional agony. What's the line -- laugh all your laughter, cry all your tears? And revel in the glory of it all,"
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