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15 Kimo Oelhoffen quotes:

"I think he handles himself the way he should on and off the field. We believe in him, just as he believes in us."
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"I'm feeling pretty good. I'm with my boys, my brothers, so I'm having fun."
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"I don't think you can control that. Your job is to tackle the quarterback, hit the quarterback, hit the running back. Big hits. You have to create momentum, create an edge, and that is part of the game, it will always be part of the game. But you never want to see nobody get injured. Ever."
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"I kind of always wanted to play. I saw a lot of the guys that came in with my class and I played basketball and volleyball with them and I could play with them. I gave (football) a shot and fell in love with the game."
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"When I first got to Cincinnati, I was not a good football player. I played 12 games in my whole life before I got to Cincinnati. I started 36 games in Cincinnati. Everybody thinks I was there just as a scrub."
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"We had our opportunities. We didn't play smart football on both sides of the ball. (These are) things we can fix, though. We can get a lot better. I know we're fine. Sometimes you get the bear; sometimes the bear gets you."
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"Stopping the run, that's our No. 1 goal every game. I don't think it's ever not been our No. 1 goal."
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"History will not determine this game."
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"His acceleration is unmatched in the NFL, in history. You look at every defensive back in the NFL and compare their acceleration, their closing speed with Troy. There is none."
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"His acceleration and speed is unmatched in the history of the NFL. You can't compare him to anyone."
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"We just played football like we did the last six weeks. Nothing special. That's just how good the Pittsburgh Steelers are."
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"Marvel is the reason why I'm still playing football. Bottom line. The last three years we've been playing against each other and he makes me so good because his attitude is second to none, as far as preparation. There's nobody on the team that works harder than Marvel Smith. There isn't. You go in the weight room every day after practice and he's in there. He's getting better. His mechanics are superb, man. He stays square; his hands are great; his feet are good. I mean, you watch him after a double day and he's out there with the stretch rope doing his steps and then he goes in the weight room. He won't let anyone outwork him or outplay him. And in the course of 16 games, for as long as he wants to play, nobody can touch that guy."
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"Larry knows how to find the football. He might not make a lot of big plays, but that's not what he's called upon to do. He just doesn't make mistakes. He's always where he needs to be. He's a true linebacker."
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"I was surprised he waited that long (to talk). But he is a force in our locker room. He's somebody that we turn to. And he did not let us down today."
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"Probably the best man, and not just one of the best coaches , I've ever met in my life. The things I've learned from him about football and about life, I'll cherish forever, really. Every minute you're around him, believe me, is a minute where you've benefited in some way."
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