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"It was huge because we had struggled the two games previously. I like the manner in which we did it. I thought we came out and were very aggressive defensively."
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"You three (county commissioners) sitting here have the power to end this today, but you won't,"
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"It's definitely a unique thing that all the girls think is fun and cool."
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"It's a credit to those kids. They didn't win too many games over the last three years, [but they came back.] ... Congratulations on a great year for them."
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"After I graduated, I was like, OK, what do I do now? ... And nothing was as great as playing in a band with R.L. So I just called and said, 'What if I just moved to Kansas City?'"
"Many thanks for your part in our history."
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"That's a team we beat here at home, but the thing you have to understand about that game is their leading scorer was out and one of their other starters was out. So, we know going down there that will be a completely different game."
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"From its inception, the festival has been a celebration of reading and literature of the state. It's not an academic conference. And it's been a huge success."
"We're learning about some different healthy choices in food and some different recipes."
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"This has been a big thrill not only for our boys, but for the families. And we are all so grateful for the opportunity. These boys are growing up right before our eyes."
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"We couldn't do this without the generosity of the writers in this state. But they always seem so excited to get together with each other and their readers in this setting."

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