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"After months of lies, the president has given millions of people around the world reason to doubt that he has sent Americans into battle for the right reasons, ... The fact that Americans are expressing these doubts shows that the president is losing his ability to lead. If the president refuses to resign for the sake of the nation, I believe he should be impeached and face Senate trial."
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"I would like to think that no American president would even consider using the military to help him remain in office, ... But the fact that Americans are expressing these doubts shows that the president is losing his ability to lead."
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"Whatever happens, it will take years to repair the damage President Clinton has done to his office and his country,"
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"It was a well run race. It was a race of enthusiasm and energy and commitment to principles to which we all have a good subscription. ... I feel that in the process I have been provided an even more keenly honed opportunity to learn and understand the needs and the interests of this majority."
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"Until we receive your commitment to follow through on their rhetorical offerings, we shall not treat these overtures as serious and will continue our efforts to force action on the daily floor proceedings until such time as we secure your personal confirmation on a fair and timely consideration on this important matter."
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"Tom DeLay has not even engaged in a formal vote count,"
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"stay focused on the singular question: Is taxing marriage appropriate?"
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"every year there is that magic moment when everybody says we can agree. That moment is at hand. We do not want to deny our members the opportunity to seize that moment."
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"If we do this job right, and we have the ability to do so, we can allow the people of this country to fulfill one of the great American ideals: having a tax code that they realize is civil and decent (and) treats them with respect. They can then comply with that code out of a sense of civic duty and personal responsibility and voluntary compliance."
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"The president accepted our parameters -- not touching Social Security, not raising taxes,"
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"trying to fit the president's details into our principles, and it's a very difficult fit to be made. But I think we can get there."
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