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"In this arc we see the appearance of Ultimate Namor for the first time! And, we learn how truly dissimilar he is to the mainstream Sub-Mariner. We'll be digging deep into the mythology of the Ultimate Universe here."
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"Wax on, wax off' -- [it] comes every day. Well, maybe not every day, but every week, ... And everyone yells out the phrase as if they'd just come up with the idea, thinking, 'Whoa, isn't that genius? Hey Ralph, wax on, wax off!'"
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"My life is all the richer for having known him, ... I will miss his genuine friendship."
"I just love that one and always loved the moment where Daniel bows to Miyagi after he puts him to sleep, ... That was John Avildsen saying, 'Before you leave, just turn and bow to him.' It's just a genuine organic great moment that just sort of came up on the day."
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"We intended for the 'Ultimate Spider-Man'—and all the Ultimate Annuals-- to continue the tradition set by their monthly counterparts: Top creators giving the readership solid stories, beautifully illustrated."
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