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14 James White quotes:

"This is awesome. We're showing that good can intervene against evil. I feel very hopeful. I have to. You got to have hope."
Author: White Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"Everybody's looking for each other, not complaining."
"If we came in and played Wyoming State East University School of Making Chairs, it doesn't matter who we're playing because we just lost two games in a row. Every win is important to us because we need a win."
Author: White Quotes Category: School Quotes
"When her support system broke down here in Michigan, ... she was faced with some tough decisions."
Author: White Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Very often the real world is a nasty, cruel and unjust place. It's more fun to make up a proper world for oneself."
Author: White Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We just played bigger people the last two games. We're not going to play 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10, 6-10 Thursday. I think we should be all right."
Author: White Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I was more tired of that zone. I hate playing against zones. I was tired of seeing that zone. ... I'm not complaining about playing 40 minutes. I'd play 40 minutes every night if I could."
Author: White Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"This is excellent, ... This is worth a whole lot to me."
Author: White Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"It's not only about getting stronger, but looking strong, trying to develop a body to make it look like you're strong. Even if you're not strong, you've got guys who bench 185. I bench more than them. They look real strong, but they're not doing a lot."
Author: White Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"There's going to be a lot of family and other guys. This is my first time playing at home. I'm just trying to satisfy all of the people."
Author: White Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"GXM is the best value in all of GM's capital structure. It is the best bang for your buck."
Author: White Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"Everybody's playing at the same pace right now. We're looking for each other and not complaining about who's getting the ball. Everybody's filling their role."
"The whole year we've been fighting against the best and this is another game that shows we've got a lot of heart. Jihad made a big shot; he's got a lot of heart and he's a good player. He made a big shot. We've just got to make a few more plays at the end of the game."
"I think my appearance is a little deceiving, because I think I'm pretty wiry strong for a person my size,"
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