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17 Russ Feingold quotes:

"If you vote for this amendment, you will be seen to have voted for maximizing the chances of the enemies of reform to prevail against the wishes of the Senate and the will of the American people."
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"Judge Roberts' impeccable legal credentials, his reputation and record as a fair-minded person, and his commitment to modesty and respect for precedent have persuaded me that he will not bring an ideological agenda."
"If a trip is worth taking, members of Congress should be prepared to justify paying for it out of their office accounts."
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"This proposal is a case of the administration telling Congress to stop asking questions and literally 'leaves it all to us.' To endorse such language would be irresponsible,"
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"It's time for senators and members of Congress, especially those from my own party, to be less timid while this administration neglects urgent national security priorities in favor of staying a flawed policy course in Iraq. Let's see if we can remove the troops after we succeed with a series of steps by the end of December 2006."
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"Make no mistake, our military readiness is already suffering, ... According to a recent RAND study, the Army has been stretched so thin that active-duty soldiers are now spending one of every two years abroad, leaving little of the Army left in any appropriate condition to respond to crises that may emerge elsewhere in the world. In an era in which we confront a globally networked enemy, and at a time when nuclear weapons proliferation is an urgent threat, continuing on our present course is irresponsible at best."
"My view, as of this moment, is that to dismiss this case would be in appearance and in fact improperly short-circuiting this trial. I simply cannot say that the House managers cannot prevail regardless of what witness might plausibly testify and regardless of what persuasive arguments might be offered, ... I want to be clear that my vote against the motion does not mean that I am leaning in favor of a final vote to convict the president. I am not."
"As with the Bosnia mission, there is no clear set of goals, beyond maintaining a currently nonexistent peace. There is no timetable with withdrawal, no cost assessment, no exit strategy."
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"Over the last five years, Wisconsinites have lost nearly 80,000 manufacturing jobs, largely because of unfair trade agreements and questionable administration policies."
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"It?s the reality of a situation like this that when you have a large troop presence that it has the tendency to fuel the insurgency, because they can make the incorrect and unfair claim that somehow the United States is here to occupy this country, which of course is not true."
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"We have to get the job done. We can't just rest on our laurels of this wonderful vote,"
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"Of all appointments that the president is asked to make, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court deserves the highest level of scrutiny."
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"The appointment of a chief justice is the ultimate level of scrutiny. So it raises the stakes. Obviously, Roberts has many qualifications as a jurist, but the issues for this country are so intense when it comes to replacing the chief justice that it requires thorough hearings."
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"Now you are talking about an extremely rushed process for chief justice and I'm not at all sure that can be done within that time period. I will not take steps to purposely delay it. I would like to see him on the court by that time."
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"I think it would be useful for us to have a sense who that other justice may be. Because it obviously has to do with the composition and balance of the court."
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"Using the power of our television airwaves could go a long way in helping to bring families back together after this tragedy. It would also ease the enormous anxiety and pain many must feel not knowing the condition of their loved ones, ... This could do a great deal to restore hope to those who have lost so much in this national tragedy."
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"Given the 440th's outstanding performance as well as its excellent record of recruitment and retention, it is clear that the nation will be losing a valuable asset."

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