Dick DeGuerin Quotes

11 Dick DeGuerin quotes:

"Without those disclosures or your authority to make inquiry of grand jury members, we cannot go forward on that matter."
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"We're discussing it. Everything is on the table -- except compromise."
"It's payback against Tom DeLay."
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"Before the first indictment you tried to coerce a guilty plea from Tom DeLay for a misdemeanor, stating the alternative was indictment for a felony which would require his stepping down as Majority Leader of the House of Representatives."
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"This was about the appearance of impropriety."
"I think that the judicial system should not be open to the kind of criticism that would naturally happen if Judge Perkins remains on the case."
"Frankly, a judge should avoid even the appearance of impropriety."
"We are ready now. We don't want to delay the disposition of this case."
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"If you read the indictment, you can't tell what Tom DeLay is charged with doing."
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"I thought that this would be resolved quickly, and Congressman DeLay can get back to Washington and resume his post. But obviously, the game here is to keep Congressman DeLay out of his leadership post in the Congress."
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"We're going to see the outside money come into this race that will make 2002 and 2003 pale by comparison."
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