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Kevin Russell Quotes

8 Kevin Russell quotes:

"It will be a hard game and all the games in this league are going to be difficult. Our performances so far suggest that we've got nothing to be afraid of if we show the confidence of previous games."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It helped me reinforce what I've learned about compassion. And it's really great to meet him and I'm always going to remember this moment."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"It significantly reduces site acquisition and base station construction costs and substantially decreases the execution risks associated with the deployment of our launch network,"
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"The appetite for 3G services is growing in Australia and globally. It is the future for delivering mobile services and in the next two to three years we will see its rapid adoption - fuelled by exciting multi functional handsets and appealing information, entertainment and communication services. 3 has led the way in making the 3G experience a present day reality for over half a million customers, and we want our 2G customers to be able to upgrade and experience 3G easily."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"Take the spirit of the occasion into your heart. It's a very important event in your life, that you'll be able to take as you get older, when you become a father,"
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"He was feeling great until 4 p.m. Sunday when he had a really bad chest pain. He died at the hospital. Will was with him. He was joking with the ambulance drivers."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"The remaining requirement of up to A$2 billion, we will look at funding options from the debt market, probably in 2003."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"This cleared a lot of air - a breaking of the ice. I saw a real movement in the direction of the railroad and the town talking together in a positive light."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Direction Quotes

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