Samuel Richardson Quotes

79 Samuel Richardson quotes:

"Those who can least bear a jest upon themselves, will be most diverted with one passed on others."
"Those who have least to do are generally the most busy people in the world."
"Those who will bear much, shall have much to bear."
"To be a clergyman, and all that is compassionate and virtuous, ought to be the same thing."
"To what a bad choice is many a worthy woman betrayed, by that false and inconsiderate notion, That a reformed rake makes the best husband!"
"Tutors who make youth learned do not always make them virtuous."
"Vast is the field of Science. The more a man knows, the more he will find he has to know."
"We are all very ready to believe what we like."
"What likelihood is there of corrupting a man who has no ambition?"
"What we want to tell, we wish our friend to have curiosity to hear."
"Whenever we approve, we can find a hundred good reasons to justify our approbation. Whenever we dislike, we can find a thousand to justify our dislike."
"Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal."
"Women are always most observed when they seem themselves least to observe, or to lay out for observation."
"Women are so much in love with compliments that rather than want them, they will compliment one another, yet mean no more by it than the men do."
"Women do not often fall in love with philosophers."
"Women love to be called cruel, even when they are kindest."
"Women who have had no lovers, or having had one, two or three, have not found a husband, have perhaps rather had a miss than a loss, as men go."
"Would Alexander, madman as he was, have been so much a madman, had it not been for Homer?"
"The companion of an evening, and the companion for life, require very different qualifications."

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