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"I think the circumstances today, with a one-run game like that to end it like that, was really emotional for us,"
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"They did a good job hitting mistakes. Obviously, it's a big disappointment. I felt good, but I couldn't get on top of my slider. I don't know if it was my mechanics or not. There's no excuse. I just made bad pitches."
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"Thank goodness I got another chance, ... Obviously, I wanted to redeem myself."
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"I didn't want to pitch in this game. I wasn't expecting to. I felt a little emotion because Taylor had thrown such a great game and I wanted to make sure I left everything out there against Bay tonight. Fortunately I was able to get him."
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"That's an honor, to be mentioned in the same sentence as him. He's one of those guy who I look to as the best ever at what he does,"
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"That was, I don't know, how many days now, ... It was really completely different circumstances, different pitch, whatever else you want to say."
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"Any closer, if you pitch long enough, you're going to face some failure. He was able to bounce back from it as good as anybody. I hope the same is true for myself. I feel it will be. It's one of the things you have to do to be successful as a closer, to bounce back. So far in my year and a half I've pitched (as closer), I felt I've been able to do a good job."
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