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Mark Milner Quotes

6 Mark Milner quotes:

"In a number of areas, particularly on the coasts, they have a high risk of price declines in the next two years."
Author: Milner Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"The risks are going up nationally, but they're mitigated by a strong labor market and strong economy."
"The risk of price declines has increased somewhat, but the national and local economies remain strong, which should support a gradual return to an economic climate characterized by slow, steady appreciation."
Author: Milner Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"These non-traditional loans transfer risk to the borrower."
Author: Milner Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"We expected what we are seeing in the third quarter data, which is a moderating of appreciation that, over time, is likely to bring prices back into line with the economic fundamentals that support them, particularly incomes."
"We knew the kid of appreciation we had been seeing in some markets was not sustainable over the long term."

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