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Jeff Thredgold Quotes

7 Jeff Thredgold quotes:

"Per capita measures of income are always a little bit distorted when you talk about places like Utah or Idaho, mainly because we have substantially more children per adult. We have in Utah 50 percent more children per adult than the national average, so any per capita or per-person measure of income, we'll always be on the low side."
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"The economy is still doing extremely well. We're declining, but declining from a high level."
"The economy is firing on all cylinders. Construction is very strong. Home price appreciation is very strong. The commercial real estate sector is very strong. Utah ? right now, its performance is about as good as at any time, ever."
"Statewide, Utah should remain among the top 15 among states in appreciation and maybe even break into the top 10 by the end of the year."
"Money will go back from real estate to stocks."
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"We've got strong in-migration, strong job creation, and the jobs are being created in as many high-income areas as in low-income areas."
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"Colorado's economy is clearly doing better."

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