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"The series is a machine that just keeps eating up whatever creativity I have. I start out thinking that I have enough ideas to take me through the whole season, and then by the sixth episode, the sad surprise is that I've used up things that I thought would take me a whole season to use up. I've started to run out of stuff."
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"A lot of us who struggled through the lean years, come through the darkness and catch a second wave of success have some insight to share. I think she's calmed down and is at a much more blissful place."
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"Obviously we are excited and thrilled and we so appreciate the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's continued appreciation of our show. We're looking forward to a great party."
"Woodard's character is just up to no good on that street."
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"[Alfre Woodard, who's a new regular, plays a housewife with a dark secret.] Her character was a concert pianist, ... She's going to be involved in something pretty gothic on the show ? pretty dark and spooky."
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"Eva wears size double zero in real life, ... so we do a very funny scene where she'll freak out in a department store when it's suggested she wear a size zero."
"The first couple of minutes of the first episode will resolve all that in a fun and exciting way. We spend the whole first episode getting into the story between Mike and her and the new information he learned at the end of last season."
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"I have to worry about my health,"
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"Yes, we're trying some new stuff, ... Some of it might work. Some of it might not. This, of course, is the nature of episodic television. They can't all be gems."
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"We had a different actress in mind, a white actress, and that deal fell through. Alfre is a little bit older than our gals, but she just has a stunning face."
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"Viewers have fallen in love with these characters."
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