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Al Martin Quotes

6 Al Martin quotes:

"The 2006 budget crisis is looming, provoked by the fiscal policies of the Bush Cheney Regime, ... The Vortex of Bushonomics, The Downward Spiral & The Coming 2006 Budget Crisis."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Those kinds of things happen. It's a part of football. We are very fortunate to have lots of depth and kids working everyday to fill those spots."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"There were some unfortunate injuries in the game, ... And you always hate when that happens. I thought we played a very sound football game, especially in the first half."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"[In his column] FEMA Sends Katrina Survivors to American Gulag; Municipal Bond Holders at Risk, ... in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, what has become apparent in New Orleans is the inability of the local, county and city law enforcement to restore the rule of law."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Pat's comments created a so-called 'flight to quality' bid in both the September long bonds and the Sep. dollar cntracts."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"And, I really admire them. I guess we try to show them as much appreciation as possible."

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