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"What you see in these examples is that the Nunn-McCurdy cost breaches cover a lot of diversity in terms of causes and consequences. To punish programs equally for such different difficulties is not constructive."
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"They're expecting that the government will publicly disclose its approval of the transaction, with conditions, this month."
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"You have to wonder where the Army thinks it's going after Iraq."
"The big question going forward is how intensive the military commitment to Iraq remains. If it stays at current levels, then the Army is facing a recruiting challenge every month for years to come."
"Cutting that much money from the program clearly foreshadows either program termination or a long delay and major restructuring."
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"The government should never have tried to develop one system to meet the very different needs of the Army and Navy."
"A prolonged shut down of spare parts production potentially endangers Army readiness. There's no way Sikorsky can maintain a high rate of production without the Teamsters on the line."
"The crux of this issue is that the Marine force really isn't very well designed for the type of fight it's facing in Iraq."
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"The entire Marine force was designed around the concept of amphibious warfare, which is a good deal different from the kind of conflict they're fighting in Iraq today, hundreds of miles from the sea. The Marines are a light force; they kick in the door but they are not supposed to occupy all the rooms."
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"If the rules are too demanding, they're going to be hard pressed to find a place to operate other than a desert. When you build a military base, somebody is going to lose their land, somebody is going to object because of noise. But if everybody gets a veto then you're not going to have any new military bases anywhere."
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"The British are going to spend billions on this, and they're concerned they won't really understand the technology of what they're buying. They don't want to be treated like a Third World arms dealer. They're saying, ' If you can't trust us, how can we trust you?"
"Bringing in somebody from management to install that rotor blade doesn't seem [likely]."

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