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Jack Pitney Quotes

6 Jack Pitney quotes:

"The danger is that one admission would lead to calls for more admissions, ... He can address an issue without falling into the trap of perpetual apology."
Author: Pitney Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"If they take a drubbing in 2006 … look for major changes as they organize for the next Congress."
Author: Pitney Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"At the depths of the '82 recession, Reagan looked like a goner, but the economy came back and so did Reagan's fortunes? He stayed the course. Had he faltered in his policies in '82, we might not have seen as much progress in '83 and '84."
"If the president's approval numbers go up, he'll have a better chance of getting his way. The president retains a lot of power, and there's a chance his numbers could rebound."
Author: Pitney Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"Schwarzenegger has huge problems. But other governors have climbed out of the poll pits to win re-election."
Author: Pitney Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I think you'll see a more subdued governor. He'll be someone who chooses his words more carefully and who sweats the details with more rigor."
Author: Pitney Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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