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13 Mark Peterson quotes:

"It's a sign of the quality of education in this state AP courses are a fairly inexpensive way for kids to get college credit."
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"This is like a state tournament for some guys that will never experience the state tournament because of the amount of teams and quality they will face up here."
"I'm really excited. It's a real seal of approval to have a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities."
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"It's the only real pure American style of architecture."
"Penalties and turnovers hurt us and we're at the point where we have to get better or start to slide a bit. Our kids have a positive attitude and will use it to go on into the right direction."
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"We did fairly well. Everybody won two matches except for one guy. That's usually one of our goals. I just like coming to this tournament because of the competition that we get. Even though we might take some losses for our record it'll pay off in the long run come tournament time at the end of the year."
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"Spenser is probably one of the hardest working kids on the team and he definitely deserved to go."
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"We hit the ball much better. It wasn't one or two guys. It was throughout the lineup. We had quality at-bats."
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"Realistically, we were trying to get the bunt down and (Glover) fouled the first one off and it ended up being a good break for us, it turns out."
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"Self-motivation is the difference this season. I go out and throw strikes and don't put a lot of pressure on myself. I just try to play and have fun."
"We struggle to stay away from one bad inning. When we get that figured out where we can do that, we'll be all right."
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"Our youth showed tonight. We gave them the ball in good field position and they took advantage. If we hadn't done that, then we could have stayed with our game plan and stayed in the game."
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"It was a real gutsy performance by him. We brought him in on two days rest. We very, very seldom do that. His pitch count was low at Dallas. We thought he would come back and we would ride him as long as we could. We had guys ready to go. He felt good. He had his best stuff that we've seen all year. He threw exceptionally well."

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