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"Pharmacies have been bending over backwards. They are waiting on hold for hours trying to get approval for their customers. They haven't been given any special numbers to help them get through any faster than the rest of us."
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"We had 150 people attend an information session in Rice Lake. That tells you how confusing it is. Organizations, such as the Wisconsin Retired Teachers Association, are holding their own meetings and making recommendations to their members."
"Seniors, pharmacists, advocates have all been trying to get through to the various agencies and legislators trying to get this straightened out. They are being bombarded with calls."
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"Unfortunately the drug finder program being offered through the Medicare Web site is not yet up and running. It is the main tool that will help us counsel people and on the costs and benefits of each plan."
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"I was working with one woman who enrolled in a plan because it had all the medications she needed. Now it doesn't. Her doctor needed to be contacted to write an exception which would allow her to get the coverage. Doctors' offices are now being overwhelmed with these requests."
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