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Andrew McDonald Quotes

6 Andrew McDonald quotes:

"Just because a marketplace gets crowded doesn't mean that it will have a negative impact on sales. The market is certainly growing based on the demographics."
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Doctors, when they see a black box warning, it really makes them anxious in that they can imagine themselves, if an adverse event occurs, in a courtroom trying to explain to a judge why they prescribed the medicine when it says right on the label why it shouldn't be prescribed,"
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Doctors Quotes
"There's no question this is a potential blockbuster."
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"After a few years, peak sales of any effective osteoporosis agent could reach well over $1 billion."
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Unless you address some of the underlying problems in these bills, I doubt there will be a consensus necessary for passage of them,"
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"They are the last player to now get approval. They are sort of the last to the party."
Author: McDonald Quotes Category: Approval Quotes

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