Chris Corrigan Quotes

4 Chris Corrigan quotes:

"Everything we have learned about Toll in the last seven months has confirmed our belief that Toll has lower quality assets and a higher risk earnings profile."
Author: Corrigan Quotes Category: Risk Quotes Earnings Quotes
"Toll have effectively negotiated with themselves a transaction which is not in line with the board approval that was given,"
Author: Corrigan Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"The support for cleaning this up, I have to tell you, is overwhelming. And it is about time we got on with the job of cleaning up the waterfront and making it a productive place for all Australians."
Author: Corrigan Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"It's very difficult for me to make a judgement on that - it's a day-to-day proposition really, isn't it?"
Author: Corrigan Quotes Category: Judgement Quotes

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