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"Katrina is the largest flood disaster in our nation's history, and it requires us to take a new look at how we process flood insurance claims. Our mutual goal is to get families into the recovery process as quickly as possible."
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"We have caseworkers down there, and most people have already received rental assistance. I just gave approval to purchase 10,000 more travel trailers. We're working also with some of the apartment owners to rehab some of the apartments down there. We are going to make sure that people are taken care of. But the judge recognized that, and recognized that the right thing to do is to get them out of hotels and into some decent housing."
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"Part of the fire grants designated by Congress is set aside for health and safety for firefighters. We lose, over 50 percent of our firefighters' fatalities are heart attacks and strokes."
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"Again, these are safety issues that are costing firefighters' lives. And Congress rightfully so set aside these grants for these particular things."
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"We are going to have situational awareness over this storm to make sure that we know what's going on and we can provide the equipment and the supplies that that particular community needs."
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