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13 Lars Trier quotes:

"Evil gives you far more strings to pull. But I must say that I have never been interested in the psychology of evil, not in the slightest. Perhaps I'm not interested in evil, but in the dark sides of human beings."
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"In many ways the six weeks of shooting was the most intense film experience I've ever had."
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"I grew up in a culturally radical home, where strong emotions were forbidden."
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"I sit there pouring out my woes year after year, coming up with one enormity after another about my mother and the way she let me down; but it doesn't make me any the less fearful."
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"More than anything, there are more images in evil. Evil is based far more on the visual, whereas good has no good images at all."
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"When I was younger, I was fascinated by David Bowie, for example. he had created an entire myth around himself. It was as important as his music."
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"It felt important to find some actors who really had the enthusiasm to participate. And I think it feels as if the heart is in it among those we finally chose."
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"If you go on correcting a script, you may lose your enthusiasm. It almost happened in this process, too, when we spent ages changing scenes and moving back and forth; but in the end we returned to the original, and the final version of the film is very close to the script."
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"It`s very exciting to be introduced to some movies by Matthew about objects like architecture...but I`m more of a typical woman, I like feelings."
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"I have maneuvered my way through four or five different types of cancer that I completely succumbed to. It's amazing how many probable types of cancer can arise when hypochondria permits."
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"I'd toyed with a couple of ideas beforehand, but I hadn't written a single cue, and it was a wonderful feeling to just write away."
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"This way of working with actors that I have found now is normally a great pleasure, because it means giving a lot of freedom to some people-and to see them enjoy that freedom and to give to the project is usually very nice."
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"The risk is that you furnish the project with new suggestions to try and freshen it up; it's not always beneficial. You risk betraying the original intention with the story, forgetting what it is you really want to portray."
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