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"Right now, the state of architecture we have is a kind of digital craze, where it's all about what you can do with the computer and generate these outrageous and complex and evocative forms, which are almost impossible to construct. She's really interested in bridging the gap between high and low culture."
"I wonder how unique people realize that it is. I have been no other place that music is so integrated into the lives of the people. Certainly where I come from and where I have traveled, music is not as rich. Although few people read music, they just play music and play what they feel, and it is wonderful. It was just one of the most fun projects I have ever made. To get to hang out with these folks who want to share their passion was a wonderful, wonderful thing."
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"If people don't panic and go about their normal piece of mind, we think this should be cleared up in the next couple of days,"
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"What they're trying to do is stay in full service because what brings the customer in is the gas purchase,"
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