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Alexander Farrell Quotes

6 Alexander Farrell quotes:

"One of the main purposes is to explain why the studies found in the literature have such divergent results."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Literature Quotes
"Some of the studies use what appear to be obsolete data or data whose quality cannot be verified."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"They use either obsolete data or data that is so poorly documented that we cannot tell what the quality of it is. But [the conclusion] is really different with other data we can find, and for that reason, suspect."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"There's no good argument for just ignoring them."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Argument Quotes
"We find that ethanol can, if it is made correctly, contribute significantly to both energy and environmental goals. However, the current way of producing ethanol with corn probably only meets energy goals."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The (past) studies that reported a negative net energy assumed one should ignore co-products."
Author: Farrell Quotes Category: Energy Quotes

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