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"seems a bit of a stretch to me ... but I think there's a straight-faced argument to be made."
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"We've got a good group of sophomores and hopefully they can communicate to the freshmen what it takes to get it done in conference play. We just have to understand that it's a marathon and not a sprint. It' s a matter of who's got the most perseverance."
"As a company founded by a competitive cyclist who wanted to create the first great-tasting, nutritious energy bar, we're ecstatic about helping bring professional cycling to California. We also value the opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of this event while raising awareness about global warming."
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"Coming in with a 2-11 record, for us to start a good like that was huge for our confidence. We've played in games this season not called as tight and we're not strong enough to counter that, so to get to the foul line and getting them off of us definitely helped our offense."
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"It's funny. No matter what, we have always competed well against Plainfield. It's a rivalry game and our kids get up for it. Our kids really stepped up and that was nice to see on Senior Night."
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"They've been coming out of the woodwork, which is nice for the future. The girls have the athleticism to make a little noise at the end of the year. It's still a rebuilding and learning year, and while I'm looking for the returning players to improve, Celebration's going to be real strong again."
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"I felt good about the way our pitchers played except for probably three of the 12. But in three games we gave up three runs or less. If we can continue to do that, we'll win a bunch of games."
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"When you walk 10 guys, you're not going to win too many games. (Brock) was just wild and didn't throw any strikes. He just couldn't find the strike zone."
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"As the population grows, we're not creating enough jobs as it is to keep up with the levels we have. What we need is stronger growth that is more employment-creative, or employment-intensive."
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"One of the big things we'll be able to do now is give pre-arrival instructions. In the past we haven't been able to. (In the case of) choking, we would be determining the appropriate age group."
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"If we don't address these issues, we're going to be facing significant security issues."
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