Edward Kennedy Quotes

26 Edward Kennedy quotes:

"You can't separate safety and security in schools from the issue of the availability and the accessibility of guns. The public understands that school violence prevention is a complex issue. The American people are increasingly demanding that we take action."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"With Justice O'Connor committing to stay until her replacement is named, we can and should remain focused first on protecting our citizens who need help the most,"
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"This program will prevent pension failures and the incredible suffering they cause for workers and retirees,"
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Suffering Quotes
"During Senator Ashcroft's quarter-century of public service, he has taken strong positions on a range of important issues in the range of the Justice Department, ... Unfortunately and often he has used the power of his high office to advance his personal views in spite of the law of the land."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"The nation lost a courageous woman and a true American hero. A half century ago, Rosa Parks stood up not only for herself, but for generations upon generations of Americans."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Our troops deserve better, Mr. Secretary. I think the American people deserve better, ... They deserve competency, and they deserve the facts. In baseball, it's three strikes and you're out. What is it for the secretary of defense?"
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