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11 Lawrence Rita quotes:

"That's the kind of exchange you want to have with a country that has not been that transparent."
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"General Casey could determine after the elections that, I want more, for whatever reason, ... and then he'll get more."
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"It's a vastly different Army from 2003."
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"We're going to take a look at the entire scope of our responsibilities in the Department of Defense and determine what is it that we can or should be doing better, differently, more of, less of."
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"Obviously, a lot has happened since the last Quadrennial Defense Review. The senior leadership of this department has established terms of reference for the ongoing Quadrennial Defense Review to look at a lot of activities, try and learn from what has happened since the last Quadrennial Defense Review, try and analyze various options, and come to some conclusions about how we're organized."
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"If somebody comes back to me and says there's nothing wrong with the Department of Defense paying journalists, I'll say, 'Even if there's nothing wrong, does it make sense ?"
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"We're getting more intelligence that's allowing us to stop more of these things, find more of them. So we're learning from them (the insurgents) and the enemy is learning from us, and it's going to be that way for as long as there is an insurgency."
"Is there a way to define a threshold, or an anticipated threshold, above which a different set of relationships would kick in? ... That's a good question. It's only been two weeks, so don't expect us to have the answers. But those are the kinds of questions we need to be asking."
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"We're not trying any harder or less to find bin Laden than we've been doing since 9/11. It's a tough problem, and we have a lot or resources dedicated to it."
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"On behalf of these fine young men and women, we certainly regret any perception that they were told what to say. It is not the case."
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"As you continue to either close or turn over these bases, it's just self-evident that there would be some reduced need for the American presence in those areas,"
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