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8 Albert Speer quotes:

"One seldom recognizes the devil when he has his hand on your shoulder."
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"It is certain that concentration camps had a bad reputation with us."
Author: Speer Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes German Architect Quotes
"No doubt concentration camps were a means, a menace used to keep order."
Author: Speer Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes German Architect Quotes
"All sensible Army people turned gas warfare down as being utterly insane since, in view of your superiority in the air, it would not be long before it would bring the most terrible catastrophe upon German cities, which were completely unprotected."
Author: Speer Quotes Category: Army And Navy Quotes German Architect Quotes
"I would rather not tell you here things which every German has at heart."
Author: Speer Quotes Category: Heart Quotes German Architect Quotes
"In all my activities as Armament Minister I never once visited a labor camp, and cannot, therefore, give any information about them."
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"It is clear that a worker who has not enough food cannot achieve a good work output. I already said yesterday that every head of a plant, and I too at the top, was naturally interested in having well-fed and satisfied workers, because badly fed, dissatisfied workers make more mistakes and produce poor results."
Author: Speer Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Temporarily in 1934 I became a department head in the German Labor Front and dealt with the improvement of labor conditions in German factories. Then I was in charge of public works on the staff of Hess. I gave up both these activities in 1941."
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