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5 Tom Lewis quotes:

"Actually, our season has gone a little better than expected, ... We've had good consistency at the top of the lineup and we've done a little better this year in the matches that were decided 3-2."
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"When hard times come, people with even a little means support The Salvation Army, ... People realize that these are acts of nature and God, but they also realize there are needs at home, so they continue to support us."
"When Michael (Lacroix) got hurt, our offense slowed down. I know we're better than we showed. We just have to do a better job."
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"My goal is to win this as many times as I can now, ... It's a good race for me. I'm up around 200 pounds, which is the most I've ever weighed. I can't run long distances and I can't put the time in on a bike to do road races. This race is perfect for me."
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"I could never do my training without the support of my wife. And then there's the rest of the team and my uncle. This race is meaningful for me on a lot of different levels."
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