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Rene Preval Quotes

6 Rene Preval quotes:

"We are in a country where we have, in the capital, two hours of electricity per day. Students can't study, businesses can't work, industry can't work. We need immediate aid."
Author: Preval Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"During the electoral campaign I felt the enthusiasm. This is my third campaign, my second running for president, and this was the most enthusiastic."
Author: Preval Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"I?m tired but I am happy."
Author: Preval Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"If I'm his 'twin,' we do not have the same mother."
Author: Preval Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"People are in a desperate situation in terms of food. Above all, they have to be given emergency aid. We have to create jobs immediately to calm the situation."
Author: Preval Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"In the past, the army caused trouble. There is no such organized force today."

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