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James Harrington Quotes

6 James Harrington quotes:

"Fairness for Good Drivers is bringing the campaign for fairness and choice in auto insurance rates to consumers across Massachusetts with these television and radio ads. We hear from people everyday that they are tired of paying too much for auto insurance. Massachusetts drivers want change and they want it now. It is time to fix it."
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"The Law is but words and paper without the hands of swords of men."
"I confess that the magistrate upon his bench is that to the law which a gunner upon his platform is to his cannon."
Author: Harrington Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"What they're doing is totally illegal. You cannot stop and question and search people without a search warrant and probable cause."
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"Vice: Whatever was passion in the contemplation of man, being brought forth by his will into action."
"A whole army, though they can neither write nor read, are not afraid of a platform, which they know is but earth or stone; nor of a cannon, which, without a hand to give fire to it, is but cold iron; therefore a whole army is afraid of one man."

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