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83 James A. Baldwin quotes:

"It is a great shock at the age of five or six to find that in a world of Gary Coopers you are the Indian."
"It is a very rare man who does not victimize the helpless."
"The South is very beautiful but its beauty makes one sad because the lives that people live here, and have lived here, are so ugly."
"An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience."
"If you're treated a certain way you become a certain kind of person. If certain things are described to you as being real they're real for you whether they're real or not."
"The making of an American begins at the point where he himself rejects all other ties, any other history, and himself adopts the vesture of his adopted land."
"We have all had the experience of finding that our reactions and perhaps even our deeds have denied beliefs we thought were ours."
"Rage cannot be hidden, it can only be dissembled. This dissembling deludes the thoughtless, and strengthens rage and adds, to rage, contempt."
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"The future is like heaven - everyone exalts it, but no one wants to go there now."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Ignorance Quotes
"The noblest spirit is most strongly attracted by the love of glory."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"Freedom is not something that anybody can be given; Freedom is something that people take and people are as free as they want to be."
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"Any honest examination of the national life proves how far we are from the standard of human freedom with which we began. The recovery of this standard demands of everyone who loves this country a hard look at himself, for the greatest achievements must begin somewhere, and they always begin with the person. If we are not capable of this examination, we may yet become one of the most distinguished and monumental failures in the history of nations."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone... they will be forced to deal with pain."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"When one begins to live by habit and by quotation, one has begun to stop living."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Quotes Quotes
"The moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out."
"Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love, luck -- but, most of all, endurance."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Society is held together by our need; we bind it together with legend, myth, coercion, fearing that without it we will be hurled into that void, within which, like the earth before the Word was spoken, the foundations of society are hidden."
Author: Baldwin Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor."

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