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"Those two competitors shaped the design of the tournament. Instead of making it just a men's tournament, we came up with this concept of having a big festival with all different kinds of events happening at the same time."
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"We did a poor job of communication. We need to let people know what's happening out here. We're going to improve the food, offer more things and make it more accessible for fans to get to."
"I'm pushing it to boundaries that are way new, and much, much further than any of these other events do. And if other people decide to be more like us, then I think that's fantastic."
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"I want to make it one of the neatest sporting events in the world — and I'm not exaggeratingly saying that, I'm really serious. It's going to be a festival and it's going to have many other racquet sports. Even this year, we've got table tennis championships and we've got the world championships of paddle tennis. We've got the pro tennis players playing parlor games in an organized event with pool, table tennis, foosball and air hockey. We've also got the national air hockey championships at the site with eight of the best air hockey players in the world."
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