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Alfred Huger Quotes

8 Alfred Huger quotes:

"[Fixes to] the stuff last month came three weeks too late, but it's better late than never. When detailed information about vulnerabilities is released, people move to exploit it."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"I have to assume that we will see more sales. Apple consumers are going to start thinking about security much like Windows users do."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"I have seen sales of 100,000 numbers go in one lot."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"There's obviously an ego here that needs to be satisfied."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Ego Quotes
"I think it's credible that someone will try to use these exploits. Then you're in big trouble."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"You're giving a gift, so finish that process. If you configure it for them, your sweat is in it."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"It's very simple--it's the unfortunate truth."
Author: Huger Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"This is yet another example of the continuing spread of malicious code onto other platforms. While there is no known exploit at this time, users are encouraged to turn off the 'Open safe files after downloading option' in their Safari browsers and watch for further information from Apple."
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