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James Awad Quotes

7 James Awad quotes:

"Stock investors have concluded that the economy was in good shape before Hurricane's Katrina and Rita, and that it has come through the storms in reasonably good shape, with the exception of oil."
"I think retail is going to be a very tough place to make money. What's worrying the market now is -- if the Fed is successful in slowing the economy, what does it mean for profits going forward? And that is apparent - that's more clearly an issue in retail than anyplace else. But it is an issue in the market itself that you're going into a period here where profit growth may decelerate; in fact, could flatten out as you have volume gains decelerate in a slowing economy, but cost increases embedded in from the period when you had a strong economy; and that's not exactly a great prescription for profits, and I think that's troubling the stock market."
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"The market needs to walk a line between too little growth and too much growth, between profits and interest rates. The jobs report tilted the market toward too little growth."
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"This doesn't mean you have to pour everything into beverages and foods. You can still find quality companies that also benefit from an improving economy."
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"North Fork Bancorp stock is selling at about 20. We think its fair value would be about 30. But meanwhile, you're getting a 3 percent dividend yield and it's selling at 10 times earnings. Demographically, it's a very attractive area. So, your risk in buying North Fork is that you're a little bit early and the market doesn't care about value stocks for a while. And of course, in a period of rising rates, financial stocks don't do particularly well. But, ... if you buy it and put it away, you'll end up making 50 percent from current levels over a 12 to 18 month period."
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"I think what you have in technology is it's becoming a stock-by-stock issue,"
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"both cheap technology stocks at modest valuations."
Author: Awad Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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