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"The concerns I've had is that defensively we haven't maintained our concentration. We've had some good spurts of playing good basketball, but we have not maintained the intensity, especially on defense. That's where we've really fallen down."
"It's taking awhile to get off the ground. We're still really in the toddler phase; we're still trying to find our legs."
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"I knew it was going to happen because I know his talent level and I know what he's capable of. But when he was in rut he was in, I didn't know if he was going to work his way out of it."
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"I think it's an object lesson that paying the cost of Social Security in the future is going to depend upon economic growth. If you don't have growth, our pensions and other obligations are going to become unaffordable."
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"Thaddeus didn't shoot really well the other night, but the good thing about him is that he's not just a scorer. He can do other things, too. We also really liked his transcript. He's a Georgia Tech-type of kid."
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"The talent is definitely stretched a little thinner. In terms of the concentration of top 100, top 200 players -- it is spread out a little more. You think about going all the way back to Princeton, N.J., where you had the best 200 players in the country. Then, you went to two camps and now we're at three camps. I guess it's not all bad, because now you give more kids an opportunity to be seen. And we tend to lose sight that the game is supposed to be about opportunities for kids to get an education or be seen and do something better with their lives, as opposed to making it sane for college coaches."
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"He's a great athlete, and I always remind him that he can make plays off the ball. I don't think he understands how much ground he covers. I think you're starting to see that. He had three steals today. He's starting to see the floor better."
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"We talk about the tradition of Georgia Tech basketball when we go out recruiting, and in some sense, I feel like I owe those guys something, ... Now, we've built on that tradition, and now here we are in the Final Four."
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"We're not going to shy away from our goals. Our No. 1 goal is always to get back to the NCAA tournament."
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"I felt like I was watching a school yard game."
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"There were mistakes (against Maryland) that we could have controlled. When we executed well, we got some great looks. There were a couple breakdowns and in a one-possession game you have to win every possession."
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"Talent-wise, I'm convinced we can be competitive. But we've suffered injuries to Lewis and now Mario. It's a long season, and we're getting better."
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