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"These kids set a great example for our younger kids. They treated everyone really well. They just brought a sense of enjoyment to the season."
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"She is a warm and considerate woman. We knew she would nurture our children. I'm unable to understand why a competent teacher was removed at this critical time."
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"The multi-sport athlete is just a different kid. Each sport has helped them develop in different ways."
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"We get families with kids and retired people, and I'm sure they're all on fixed incomes where they can't afford that extra for gas, so I can understand that."
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"My younger kids are great. They did whatever they could to make those seniors better. Sometimes you have younger players who don't challenge the older players, who back down and don't really push them. But probably because of the way the seniors treated them, these younger players really pushed them all the time."
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"Playing three sports has made them very hard working. They know what it takes to be a good athlete, and they'll do whatever you need them to do to be successful."
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"She's great. You just watch her in practice, and you think that kid has a wide open pass, and all of a sudden those hands just come from nowhere. She has a good eye for the ball. She has a good read for the ball. We call her, 'spider.' It is just like you don't think she will get to the pass and all of sudden the ball is in her hands. She has a good sense for the ball and she works hard."
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