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"I always question a little bit that event, ice dancing. Because I've been in skating a long time and I'm still not sure what I'm watching sometimes. I don't know if I'm watching some kind of a dress-up event, where whoever has the best dress is going to win, maybe, or who has the best hair extensions."
"Corruption in skating has been there for 100 years, and it still will be there. We just won't know about it."
"Jamie is my best friend and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her."
"It was a great TV moment, not a great athlete moment."
"Nobody asked us how we'd like to receive (their gold medals). It sure wouldn't have been the way it was done. But you quickly realize the athletes have no say in what happens at the Olympics except for your performance. After that, you lose control."
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"We're happy that justice was done. It doesn't take away anything from (the Russian skaters). It was not something against them. It was something against the system."
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"In the last year, we leased 3.5 million square feet of space -- more than we ever had in a single year. It absorbed a lot of the available space that we have. We have 600,000 square feet available, where we'd like to have about 1 million."
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