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12 Ray Evernham quotes:

"If you finish 43rd and the other guys finish in the 20s, there's still a lot of cars separating you. If you want it to come down to where all 10 guys have a shot, then it would be great to just be racing 10 guys."
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"We've just missed it aerodynamically with the new body on this car,"
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"The biggest difference between an athlete like Michael Jordan or someone we always compare Jeff to is the fact that those guys can rely largely on their athletic ability. In our world, no matter how good your athletic ability or your driving ability, you still depend largely on whether you've got the car to get the job done."
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"I knew she wasn't just a good lady driver, this girl was a great race car driver, ... she was very hungry to do more, somewhat impatient, hence the name `fiery redhead.' She would constantly grab me by the shirt and say, `Dad,' as she calls me, `when are we going to race some more?"
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"I can't ever remember him not responding in a clutch situation. He's what I call a big-money player. Whenever there was a big challenge or big money on the line he would seem to step up."
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"We're excited about the opportunity to work with Scott Riggs,"
"Erin is a very special person and we've seen her display great talent behind the wheel of a stock car this year in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. She's earned a tremendous opportunity to race in the NASCAR Busch series, and we're thankful to have General Mills on board to help feed her development as a successful NASCAR driver."
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"Most of the sponsors and partners you deal with are interested in what your Joyce Julius television numbers are, what your number of impressions are,"
"He's had some bad luck, and now, people are unhappy. I guess that's to be expected."
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"The Charger we believe still has a lot more potential in it than the Intrepid."
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"We are already planning for next year, and we recognize that we need to make several changes to regain the momentum this team had earlier in the year and to ensure we have the right people in the right places to win races and a championship."
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"Erin was beating up on me before and I said, `There's two people you never beat up on -- your owner and your spotter -- and you just beat up on both of them,'"
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