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"In today's environment where you have to have supervision, it's beneficial to add elements of street soccer like extended periods of play without interruption into your practices. Coaches need to create an environment that helps the youth player navigate through the game."
"He was a beloved coach, teacher and friend; some of the students were in a state of shock. Yes, Y.C. and I had our moments as coaches from rival schools, but we remained true friends over the years. I saw him two weeks ago at a middle school wrestling tournament. If there was an athletic event at that school, he was there."
"My main concern is the negative effect this will have on students who take part in college courses. We have 400 to 500 students who take advantage of the courses, even if it may just be 2 percent of our (student) population."
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"Y.C. touched the lives of tens of thousands of children over the last half century. He was a great athlete himself, but you'd never know it to hear him talk. He was a role model for his students; he's probably taken more kids home after practice or school than anyone in history."
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"It's going to be one of those situations where you're not going to have 100 percent of the people happy about it. We have to have a recommendation that will help explain to parents what's happening. We ask for information, and we shouldn't make rash decisions."
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