Bobby Douglas Quotes

4 Bobby Douglas quotes:

"We wrestled pretty well the first round. We had some moments of despair, but overall we had a pretty good round."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Despair Quotes
"It's one of those championship, World Series-type events for those two every time they meet. Obviously (Ware) is doing some of the things right and he's a great athlete and a great wrestler. Every time Nate wrestles him, it raises the bar for both wrestlers."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes World Series Quotes
"Curran's make a good progress. He's a freshman and put into a pressure cooker like that, he did a great job."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Job Quotes Freshmen Quotes
"They're a very good team; the best Missouri team I've seen. We've got a big job ahead of us. It's a bigger job than Penn State."
Author: Douglas Quotes Category: Job Quotes

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