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Jason Statham Quotes

40 Jason Statham quotes:

"A lot of action movies today seem to have scenes that just lead up to the action."
"And if people come up and say they like the movies you're in, it's a great compliment."
"I endured many weeks of it, but I had a big background in martial arts and fighting as a kid, so kind of all the problems got brushed away and I was ready."
"I love to get behind the wheel and get competitive."
"I pick up a lot of stuff from them, but I don't think there's any great trick to acting."
"I suppose that's the European way, dangerous and hairy."
"I think being a competitive diver for years helps you focus and dedicate yourself to what's needed."
"I used to play a lot of racket sports, tennis and squash."
"I'm certainly not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt."
"I'm impressed with the likes of Jet Li and Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee was a big hero of mine for many years. They're great influences."
"I've been unfortunate enough to be working, and recovering from a few injuries now and again."
"I've come from nowhere, and I'm not shy to go back."
"If you got a good imagination, a lot of confidence and you kind of know what you are saying, then you might be able to do it. I know a lot of colorful characters at home that would make great actors."
"It's something I never dreamed I'd be doing, making movies."
"It's street theater. You have to make it entertaining so people don't get bored and walk away."
"My first day was on the Champs-Elysees roundabout, which is about five lanes. That was my first day behind the wheel of a French car."
"People like to pigeonhole you."
"People take chances every now and then, and you don't want to disappoint them."
"The thing about the UK is we don't really make that many great movies."
"We were diving in caves. It wasn't totally safe."

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