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Francesca Schiavone Quotes

8 Francesca Schiavone quotes:

"I am of course disappointed, but maybe I need a little practice in the finals of these big tournaments. This was my first Tier I final, and she was just too good for me today. She really played her best tennis, and I have to give her credit for playing a great tournament. I have been working very hard on my fitness and my game, and I hope to get another chance soon. I am very happy with my week and hope to continue my form next week in Zurich."
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"The humidity is high. You have to change your shirt, you have to drink correct, eat correct, sleep correct, ... To stay here is wonderful, but you have to follow every step."
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"I'm looking forward to playing against Francesca, ... We are very good friends, so even if she beats me, I'll be happy for her."
"It's very difficult playing against another Italian. Flavia and I are very good friends. We were together until an hour before the match, but when you go on court there are no friends."
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"Something very personal. To prove myself, to keep going and believe in myself. It's not just a trophy for me. It's all that I did to arrive there. It's the most beautiful present that I could receive."
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"I had to think about my match and my games and my concentration because it's not easy to stay there every point. She is good -- (but) she missed a lot today."
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"She is a great athlete and a great champion."
"Lindsay is great champion,"
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