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9 Larry Bowa quotes:

"It's not envy. It's nice to see an owner care as much about winning as the coaches and players."
Author: Bowa Quotes Category: Envy Quotes
"Just try to keep your head above water until the boys get back. It's as simple as that."
Author: Bowa Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"I haven't made any decisions yet."
Author: Bowa Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes
"We're pretty much going to live and die with home runs. That's our offense. The guys in the middle of the lineup are key."
Author: Bowa Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"The Yankees had to fight all year to get in. When you're fighting all year and fighting all year, it wears you out a little bit."
"(Johnny) Damon and (Derek) Jeter won't need much coaching. They know how to run the bases. The rest of them will need a stop sign now and then."
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"Our offense is centered around power,"
Author: Bowa Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"A lot of guys, if you say to them, 'Hey, you could work on this or that,' they'll look at you and tell you that you're crazy. Jason isn't like that."
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"I coach by the scoreboard, ... If we are up or tied, I am going to be aggressive. If we are down three or four runs, I will shut it down."

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