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Maxim Marinin Quotes

6 Maxim Marinin quotes:

"Most girls are scared to do jumps when thrown forward. Tatiana is one of those girls, so we have never tried it."
Author: Marinin Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"It was our best performance of the year."
"We made the decision at the beginning of the season that this would be our last performance."
Author: Marinin Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"At that moment, I saw it in the skating lounge. I just heard the audience scream and I saw the people laying on the ice. I just tried to stay far away from that emotionally and not get involved inside."
Author: Marinin Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"I heard the audience scream, and knew how hard it must have been for her. But I tried to stay away from it emotionally and focused on what we had to do."
Author: Marinin Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"That was definitely our best performance this season both in terms of emotion and the confidence we felt."
Author: Marinin Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes

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