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24 Yannick Noah quotes:

"Your child is happy. What else could you want?"
"Cynicism is not a good energy for me."
"The important thing is staying together if you want to do something special."
"Arthur Ashe had been the first black athlete to play Johannesburg at the time of apartheid."
"I always traveled. I left Cameroon when I was 11 years old. I lived in the USA, in Switzerland."
"In black Africa, one does not strike, one does not express, one walks right."
"I never thought I would feel such emotions. I'm really thankful to be a part of this. It is very special."
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"It made me hungry. I feel like I'm in a program that really helped me individually as a player. I feel like I'm with a group of guys that are like my best friends."
"Downtown, one has less time. But there are in Europe much people who have the faith, in South America, too."
"I did not support any more New York. I lived 10 years there, and after September 11, I felt very European. I did not share the opinion of people in the street, who were deeply influenced by what they heard in the media."
"I felt the weight of the past at the beginning of my career of singer."
"New York is the city which I liked. One could go to the mass Sunday to listen to gospel, to have all the exposures, and to listen to all the music."
"To take part in this brothel through the payment of my taxes, that had become to me unbearable."
"You arrive at a village, and in this calm environment, one starts to hear echo."
"It's just sheer love and just the people -- when you win, you want to see the people that you love. That's where they were. So whatever it takes to see the people that you love."
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"At one time, I was persuaded to want to make music, and people answered me that that was not possible."
"Cracked was a very short warrior, whereas Marley was a pacifist warrior."
"Marley, I can sing half of his repertory, but the influence it had on me is more in my way of seeing the things from a strictly musical point of view."
"Being in the stands is very difficult. I was never playing but I am nervous watching, waiting."
"People judged my work without to have listened to it."

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